Sacred Heart Artists Guild

“It is not you that shapes God. It is God that shapes you. If then you are the work of God await the Hand of the artist who does all things in due season. Offer Him your heart, soft and tractable and keep the form in which the artist has fashioned you. Let the clay be moist lest you go hard and lose the imprint of His Fingers.”
~St. Irenaeus (Isaiah 64:8)

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At Sacred Heart Artists Guild, I am dedicated to providing art instruction that sparks creativity as well as cherishes truth, natural beauty, and order in the world. In support of our artists, I provide appropriate training and the tools needed for success in clayworks.

Another important part of my mission involves ensuring that the arts nurture practical curiosity, craftsmanship, and resourcefulness for students of all skill levels (ages 8 and up). It’s a joy to introduce newcomers to their creativity, while refining the techniques for adults unlocking their own artistic proclivities as they create by hand or on the wheel.

In my newest studio space, located in Conroe TX, I offer

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Meet Me

As a child, I built clubhouses and made napkin clothing for Barbie dolls. In my teen years, I designed clothing from thrift stores and stayed up to the wee hours making elaborate mail art for friends abroad. Creating has always been a part of my life.

In the summer of 1993, I had a beautiful reversion back to the Catholic faith. I was a young adult at the time and my reversion to the Faith caused me to re-examine my life. This led me to leave Rhode Island School of Design where I was pursuing a future in fashion design.

I began work on art teaching missions with children in places in urban settings- St. Louis,Mo , Covington, LA and Juarez, Mexico. Once married and while my own children were 5 and under, I began my first home-based art studio, The Backdoor Studio. I operated this studio from my St. Louis basement where I taught after-school semi-private fine art classes and summer camps. I also returned to teaching art in public schools K-12 for 14 years in both St. Louis, Missouri and Tomball, Texas.

Then the plague of 2020 hit. My husband and I used that troubled period to consider making some drastic changes in our lives. After much prayerful discernment, we decided to take a deep leap of faith. I retired early from my public school teaching position and we founded the Sacred Heart Artist Guild.

For the first three years, I have held a wide array of classical visual art classes for homeschoolers to adults at the brand new Campion Hall at Presentation of the Lord Catholic Church in Montgomery, TX and at Greg’s Garage in Spring, TX .

Within 18 months, I built a full-service ceramics studio for both mobile events (retreats, workshops, markets) and yearlong homeschooling art classes.

As an artist, I love to create in many varieties of media, such as printmaking, collage, and clay. In the past three years, though, I’ve come to dedicate my work’s focus on sacred art and scratch pottery for the home. As an experienced teacher, I love to learn along with others and see how beauty blossoms through each student.